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of commuters have to make other plans. claudine wong is live in larkspur to tell us about a strike that is stopping ferry service. >> reporter: we have seen a couple people show up. trying to figure out what to go and where to go from here. they know the ferry service has been canceled today because of a strike that was supposed to start at 4:00 a.m. this morning. we have not seen any picketers on the line this morning. now we did just see a commuter arrive in the last 20 minutes or so. he wasn't sure what his day was going to bring. >> down here see what the going on. there is a bus stop on the corner there. he's going to pick you up there, make the loop around and take you into the city. >> great. what about the ride home in the afternoon from the city? are there buses coming back here? >> we don't know that yet. >> really? >> if you want to take your chance you can drive to the bus pass or you can take it up to spencer and catch it there. >> okay. >> at this moment we don't know what is going to happen up there. >> thank you. >> reporter: if you get on a bus you might not be abl
with us. it's thursday july 21st. i'm claudine wong. >>> i'm mike nobody. let's get a look at weather and traffic. first steve paulson. >>> thanks very much. change today compared to yesterday. low 80s and 90s but there's a bigger fog bank by a wide margin going to effect coast and bay temperatures. out of the 80s for many. 60s and 70s there. upper 80s for areas yesterday. cooler pattern unless you're well inland. >>> traffic moving along nicely if you are driving on the east shore freeway westbound good from the bridge to the macarthur maze. also right now traffic looking good on highway 4 coming up to the willow pass grade. now let's go back to the desk. >>> and at 5:01 we are on the scene of developing news in fairfield. we want to go back out live to the scene there where you can see a lot of police activity still in that area. the s.w.a.t. standoff now turned into a search. this has all been ongoing since 8:00 last night. it began when a woman called police saying her son attacked her and had a gun. s.w.a.t. quickly surrounded the house and locked down the area attempting to make
and me and claudine. patchy fog. temperatures will be in the 50- 80s. here is sal. >>> steve, good morning. traffic is is doing well around the bay area. westbound 580 livermore there was a crash that has just cleared and the traffic traffic has discovered. highway 4 coming up to the willow pass grade with no major issues here. right now we are look at interstate 880 and that traffic is moving nicely in both directions here. san francisco 101 looks good. on the lower deck of the bay bridge still a couple lanes closed eastbound right when you get on to the bridge. the far left lanes are closed just about ready to pick up the closure. watch for workers when you get on that lower deck. let's go back to the desk. >>> new this morning arson investigators are trying to determine what caused eight u- haul trucks to catch fire. tara moriarty joins us live from the scene where concern over what could have happened had firefighters evacuating nearby homes. tara. >> reporter: neighbors tell us 24 people had to be evacuated because of propane tanks that are stored in this lot where the u-haul
's thursday july 21st. i'm mike mibach. >> and i'm claudine wong. dave and pam are off today. want to start you off with a quick look at your weather and traffic. steve paulson here with that. hi, steve. >>> hello, claudine, mike. good morning. we have a little change today. what change would that be? more in the way of low fog and clouds. for others still warm to hot. yesterday morganhill, livermore, concord, 95. still low 90s but about two to four degrees cooler for some and bigger drop coast and bay with 60s and 70s. now update on traffic with sal. >>> right now northbound 280 traffic looks good up to 880. no major problems there. also the morning commute is looking good if you're on 680 south heading down to the pleasanton area and into fremont. 6:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> well, the space shuttle atlantis is back on earth after a predawn landing in florida this morning. >> landing gear down and locked . main gear touched down. >> looked picture perfect. that four member crew and the second youngest shuttle returned from space just before 3:00 our time. less than a minute after a
in the -- will file in the shebocenter -- claudine wong has more. >> reporter: you can actually watch us here on this big screen behind us. you can see -- we're seeing the same picture that you were showing earlier of . of getting ready an -- of nasa of people getting ready. people are gathering for the launch, if it happens an people already start arriving early. >> it's different is -- watching it on youtube, it is life. it's is -- it is live. but watching 2 live is -- it's like the -- watching it live is -- it's like the end of an era. >> reporter: back live here, had is the picture inside the megadome inside the shebot cyan center -- science center. the nice thing about this is you get to watch it with people who are also excite about this history-making event and two there are scientists onhand, astronomer the here that can make it part -- astronomers here that can make it part of the experience. people have say this is a and he want to be here -- this is sad and they want to be here. the folks we talked to said we'll be ready to come back. we'll continue to watch things here an we'll ch
needs a new home after fire hours ago ripped through the home they just moved into. ktvu claudine wong is there now to tell us what this family is facing. claudine. >> reporter: dave, i want to show you what is left of some of the insides of this home on the 1800 block of foothill boulevard. if you look you can see what firefighters ripped out of the inside as they were fighting this fire and doing the cleanup afterwards. take a look at this victorian. they are multi unit. there are two doors leading in. there is a unit in the back as well. still unclear how the fire started. but it does appear a family was move into the second floor of this building and overnight the flames broke out. this happened after 10:00 last night. crews were actually here within a couple of minutes and initially there was a lot of concern because the fire looked like it was heading to the building next door. building out here are close together so firefighters called in reenforcement. >> started in on the second floor. we struck a second alarm immediately because it looked like it was heading to the secondary
mibach. >> and i'm claudine wong. let's get a look at your weather and traffic this morning. hi steve. >> hello claudine. we have mostly clear skies. temperatures will be warming up. we're already in the 50s and 60s expect for some fog. there won't be much to stop us from get into the 80s for some inland everyone upper 80s and a few low 90s. we will take a look at average temperatures coming up. here is sal. >>> steve, right now traffic in marin county looks pretty good. there is road work there. you can see it northbound 101 just past the marin county civic center. this is just up the way to the parkway there. one lane is closed. the cones are still up. be careful with the workers once you move over at least slow it down as you pass the workers. it looks like they may be picking up the cones. this is a look at northbound 101 in san francisco. traffic is moving along nicely. there is a day-time baseball game today at at & t park. the game starts at 12:30. should be over by 4:00. >>> arson investigators are working to determine what caused eight u-haul trucks to catch fire. it started
>>> it's monday july 18th i'm claudine wong in for pam cook. >> and i'm kraig debro. dave clark is off also. >> steve paulson is here. we do have patchy fog that's it. that fog bank went well inland. that is not the case today. higher clouds could drift across mendocino county. lake county. maybe northern sonoma as rain is falling. look for 70s and a few low 80s. here is tara. >>> here's a look at 101 through san francisco. you can tell we will have a nice warm day. it's not foggy there like our cameras were socked in all last week. that is good news. up next we have the bay bridge toll plaza. we've had a little bit of backup. 5:00 let's head back to the desk. >>> topping our news at 5:00 three people hurt in an overnight shooting in san jose. police say it happened before midnight on genie avenue. jade hernandez joins us live to tell us the search for the suspects is now under way. >> reporter: we can tell you right now we are live in this neighborhood where the shooting happened last night. police aren't here anymore at the scene. we have checked in with the department for an
deed is shot and is now fighting for his life in a hospital. good afternoon. i'm claudine wong in for tori campbell. >>> right now, police are searching for a gunman in an early-morning shooting that left a man critically injured. police say the victim was with his family trying to help the home les when he was shot. 2 it happened just after 1:00 at 42nd street and that's where paul chambers is. >> reporter: claudine we just moved to oakland pd. the victim is a 29-year-old man. he and his family give back to the community frequently and they were doing just that this morning. >> out there late at night cooking food to give to people. >> reporter: he says he was there when the victim was shot. >> i was standing right there. the kids are hollering, his wife is hollering. >> reporter: they had just served food to international boulevard and then drove down to 42nd avenue. it's when they were in the 1000 block of 42nd when he heard shots fired. >> van went behind us, stopped, backed up. automatic of a sudden -- all of a sudden, three shots and then two more shot the. >> reporter: h
's go back to claudine. >>> this morning the investigation continues into a deadly police shooting. ktvu tara moriarty is getting new information about exactly what happened during last nights deadly confrontation. >> reporter: bart police are releasing more information. more details about exactly what went down here last night. what we do know is one man is dead after two bart police officers shot and killed him here hat the civic center station plaza some time after 9:30. we have video from last night of that man being rushed to the hospital. 15 minutes later he was then pronounced dead within an hour. now the initial call came in around 9:30. authorities say the suspect was on the stations platform. he appeared intoxicated and was stumbling and wobbling around. joining me live is dan hearth wick to fill in details for us. tell me what you know. >> reporter: at 9:34 bart dispatch received a call from bart central reporting a wobbly unstable man. at 9:45 two bart police officers riding trains in the downtown area arrived at the same station. contacted subject that we believe was reporte
but not before it caused confusion for passengers and workers alike, claudine wong headed out to cover the strike and was among those surprised when workers showed up as usual. >> at this moment we don't know what is going to happen. all right. >> so if you get on a bus you may not be able to get back here, i guess. >> somehow we will find a way. >> that passenger left by bus at 4:50. he had no way of knowing the strike that had been announced was cancelled. union workers were use as confused. >> you don't see any signs up so i guess we are supposed to work. >> supposed to work. you didn't know anything about a strike. >> no, i had not heard anything about a strike. >> they opened. it wasn't until later they made it official. >> they are not striking today and we will be running service. >> both sides blamed the other for confusion but once the word got out passengers showed up. >> you look like you are being patient. >> yes, i am. >> very happy to throw plan b. >> in the car on the way to the city. >> i started driving in then i came around and came back. >> all of this over ticket agents that f
was suspended after a postal carrier had a run-in with a dog named mocha. but as claudine wong reports, neighbors are not convinced mocha was a threat. >> reporter: for days, mail boxes in this neighborhood sat empty. postal carriers did not come to this block on friday, saturday or monday. the reason, this little dog named mocha. mocha is a 1 1/2-year-old chihuahua who has lived in the neighborhood for a couple of months. >> you know the dog? >> yeah, i met the dog before. >> reporter: mocha was running around near her home last thursday. her owner who didn't want to go on camera told us the postal carrier was walking down the street when mocha ran up to him and ran around him a couple of times. she said she didn't think it was a big deal but the postal carrier got scared, saying he was putting the mail on hold and took off. mocha's owners weren't the only ones affected by this. other neighbors said the postal service sent them a letter saying they wouldn't get their mail until this issue resolved. for three days, residents who wanted their mail had to go to the post office and get it
's go live to claudine wong to explain more why some commuters may be out of luck. claudine. >> reporter: sal, there is a strike officially under way. we are at the larks purr ferry terminal and these gates are down. they will all be closed today because of a one-day strike. the district made the decision yesterday after the union issued a press release start strike. ticket takers are striking for one day as they plan to replace those workers with ticket machines. word began to spread yesterday and people started making other plans. >> pride means i'm going to to stay home and make it work out tomorrow. >> reporter: the district told us they have been in association with the ticket takers union for month. the contract with its workers expired at midnight preponderate district says this -- >> the ticket machine is right there. bart runs an incredible system on bart ma means. we are not happy about that. we are not happy that is the direction we need to go. >> all right again no ferry service from marin county. >>> major cut backs a the the san jose fire department ahead of a hot and dry f
claudine wong in to tori campbell. >>> right now hundreds are remembering a law enforcement officer killed while off-duty trying to help a friend. >>> craig deb bo joins us from marin county with more on the man who friends say had a heart of gold, craig. >> reporter: thank you, claudine, this is the memorial program they are handing out for the officer shot and killed last week, actually taking place around the corner there at the veteran's memorial. friends, family and law enforcement saying goodbye. a procession lead the hearse down south, inside the body of jim jim mathisson. when he lost his life he wasn't on duty, he was helping a friend. >> this is an emotional day. >> reporter: he got a call from a friend, she needed a help removing a boyfriend from her home. that man shot him to death when he arrived. the woman's brother shot him, who was a parolee who had been booked into jail many times. >> if he could tell you to quit crying. suck it up buttercup was one of his favorite sayings. >> the marine county law enforcement community turned out in masse. she got into law enforcement a
be tomorrow. >>> there are parties here in the bay area celebrating the final shuttle launch. claudine wong is at shabo space and science center. they have a lot of great people to answer questions there. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, pam. they want to celebrate the history making portion of this day and celebrate all the years of nasa space exploration and what is happening today. we are at chebout. they will open at 7:30. i guess at this point everyone wondering if this large will happen. we will go back live at this picture you showed us. this is the shuttle atlantis where the crew has gotten on board that shuttle and they were saled in at 5:06 is when they will be sealing those doors. they will pull away the walkway at 6:21. everyone operating on the assumption that this will go forward. in just about 15 minutes the jet will take off to get a better gauge of that weather. that may give us a better indication of whether or not we will see this launch happening. rain could delay it. the weekend doesn't look better. fit doesn't happen by monday we could be looking at a
a strike is called off. claudine wong is at larkspur. >> reporter: there was a lot of confusion this morning. commuters we talked to are glad to see these boats up and running. the workers who were supposed to be on strike for one day strike actually showed up for work, opened these gates and allowed the passengers back on. that's when they decided to say ferry service will be back up and running this morning and it is. the first boat was able to get out of here just about ten minutes ago. passengers getting ready for a 6:35 service out of here. that is the next ferry that will be coming out. what was all the confusion this morning? well, it was a press released issued at 3:00 yesterday afternoon that said from the union they would be going on strike today for a one-day strike. they are upset about automation that will eliminate ticket takers jobs. the district that heard about the press release decided if they are not going to show up for work they will have to cancel service. so they did. the union at 9:00 told the district we will show up to work. the district said we are not
heritage celebration committee. please welcome me and joining claudine cheng for her remarks on this year's celebration. >> thank you, everyone, for joining us for our celebration this year. the theme of our celebration is celebrate heritage, celebrated community voices. the community is selected this team for two reasons. one -- the community recognizes we care about this city, that we want our interest to be addressed, and how do we do that? we need our voices to be heard. the second reason -- we would like to inspire and encourage the next generation of leaders to be engaged and affected community voices. so far, this year, we have decided to dedicate our award to individuals and business organizations that have been effective community voices. there is a listing of all the finalists in the program books. they have all been magnificent. thank you on behalf of the community. i hope -- i know all of them are here tonight and i would like to ask them to stand and be recognized. all of our awards finalists, please stand and be recognized. [applause] and just like every single one of you, i
claudine wong has the story of a family pet that's now accused of causing suspended mail service to a vallejo neighborhood. claudine. >> reporter: yes. mail service was stopped here for several days all because of this incident between a dog versus a mail carrier. i want to show you a picture of the dog who apparently caused all of this mess. this is mocha. a one and a half-year-old chihuahua that lives here in vallejo. mocha's owner says she was standing outside her house last thursday with mocha. she says the carrier was walking across the street and the dog did go and circle the postal carrier a couple times. according to her the carrier got upset, said he was withholding service to the neighborhood and took off and that's the last time anyone saw their mail until just yesterday. i just talked to a neighbor who says he feels like this entire situation is an overreaction. >> the whole neighborhood shouldn't be -- be hostage. >> reporter: you didn't get your mail? >> that's right. we did not get it. >> reporter: did you finally get it yesterday? >> yes, we did. hopefully they go
's weapon. ktvu's claudine wong is live in the newsroom this morning with that part of the story. >> up until now, it was assumed that kenneth harding died because police shot him. so the focus has been on whether the shooting was focused or not -- was justified or not. the chief says tests reveal that harding killed himself with his own gun. in the last few years, officers only used .40 callie bur gunman. the bullet taken from harding's head was a million 3 weapon. >> the bullet removed from list head is not consistent with the ammunition used in the police department. >> people could cover things up. you never know. >> reporter: the shooting has prompted several rowdy demonstrations in the last six days. you are looking at a video. this was a meeting to try to ease tensions. the big question now is where is that gun to police believe harding used to kill himself. at this point they did recover a .45 caliber handgun. now police don't believe it belonged to harding. at this point, it's a $1,000 reward they are offering for the recovery of that gun. live in the newsroom claudine wong, kt
'm claudine wong. tori campbell has the day off. it's wednesday, july 27th. >>> it could still be a while before an interstate 880 offram reopens. that's because police are still investigating the accident there. ktvu's paul chambers has been there all morning long and has more on what led up to the crash. >> reporter: good morning, claudine. it's been five and a half hours, as you said. and they are still out here looking at the crash scene. officers are conducting an investigation after a teenaged driver died after a chase with chp. now, officers say around 1:20 this morning, they tried to pull over a 19-year-old man at the intersection of international for driving recklessly and weaving. instead of obeying the chp officers, he sped off, later getting on the 880 northbound. when the driver exited from the freeway at the 29th street offramp, he crashed. officers say he was not wearing his seat belt and he was partially ejected from the car and alcohol may be related. >> it appears to be alcohol- related. we did find open containers inside of the vehicle. our officers also smelled the odo
and claudine. traffic is getting busier in contra jocasta county which is one of the bay area's earlest commute. here on highway 4 just a lot of people they get up early. i know a lot of viewers have been quick to say yep we have to get up early to beat the rush on highway 4. westbound traffic will be busy here. it's not stop and go in bay point. let's r moving along and taking a look at the toll plaza. it's backed up here from not even a real big backup here as you come up toward the area here. also the morning commute looks good on the san mateo and dumbarton bridge across the bay. now 5:16 let's go to steve. >>> thank you, sir. we have clear skies. patchy fog on the coastline. i don't think it will last too long. sunny and warmer for almost everybody. a little bit more fog tomorrow. not a lot. nice to warm. by the weekend fog and low clouds will regroup. we will have sunshine it will be nice but not as warm as today. today there is very warm air aloft. so 50s and 60s some upper 50s for many. we are running warmer. not only at the surface but the higher elevations are much warmer. that a decr
, to you. welcome to a brand new day. it's monday the fourth of july i'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong. pam cook has the morning off. let's start off with a quick look at your weather and traffic. good morning, to you steve. >> thank you. skies are clear. a little bit of a west wind trying to establish itself. i don't think it will matter if you are away from the coast. 70s and 80s closer to it. i think some hint of a sea breeze will kick in this afternoon. here is sal. >>> this fire in san francisco has just gone to a second alarm at mission and bosworth. mission street is now shut down. you can see some of the smoke in the outer mission street. mission and bosworth near st. john's church there. near st. mary's park neighborhood. the fire department sending a second alarm. you will hear more sirens getting on to the area. we had report people are inside the building. again, let's put it back on the map so everyone knows where this is guys. mission near bosworth. it's near al main knee and mission street is shut down. ktvu is on it. we should be there momentarily and give you a re
:00 this morning the man accused of walking off with a picasso drawing will appear in court. ktvu claudine wong live now with a preview about all of this and to tell us about what the suspect is also connected to. claudine. >> reporter: certainly we are learning more, dave, this morning about 30-year-old mark lugo. he is expected to be in court at 9:00 this morning at the hall of justice. a lot of people want to talk to him. it's not just authorities here. he's not just accused of stealing a picasso in san francisco he's also accused of stealing art and wine in new jersey. leaving a san francisco art gallery allegedly with a $200,000 picasso drawing. he was arrested but the story made his way out to new jersey. the police there got video of him from san francisco and then realized they have the same guy. that lead to the raid of his home. we also learned this morning he's also wanted for a case in township where he apparently is accused of stealing wine from a liquor store. a couple of bottles valued at $2,000 a pop. so a lot on his we have looked at surveillance video from one of the n cases o
. >> reporter: thanks claudine. richmond police and contra costa county sheriffs deputies and investigators are not doing celebrating. theythe shooting happened just after 8:15 last night. in each shooting there appears to be very little to explain the circumstances. the first one a mcdonalds police arrived to find two people run inside of their car. one of the victims is a 27-year- old man. the other victim is recovering at a hospital. live monday place were in the middle of another homicide investigation. this one went two miles away. the homicide victim is found in the vehicle. police found a 19-year-old man dead inside of a car following a shooting. here investigators say there is evidence that suggests another victim was in the car and injured. and funnelly in north richmond contra costa county sheriff deputies shot dead. we do have information that there appears to ban investigator possibly coming in this morning or perhaps a police spokesperson to talk to the news media about all of these incidents. reporting live kraig debro. >>> your time now 5:03. the kay sea anthony -- the casey
years ago, as indicated by claudine. for me, it is one of the most events every year. in pencil it out just as it is my birthday. i am here to celebrate with you, and i congratulate all of the honorees and awardees on this very special occasion. happy asia-pacific american week. thank you. [applause] >> and i heard the supervisor kim has joined us. thank you for being here. >> i look at david and jan and i would not be here if it were not for them. you have heard the professional side of it. 20 years ago, i was a very young reporter in montgomery, alabama, and our -- they decided, they had come out to san francisco and decided that they needed someone that looked just like her, and i was the only one in the newsroom in montgomery, alabama that look like her. do you know they forced me to do this show, and that started me on my road to coming out to san francisco and the bay area to live and work here and become part of the community. i thank jan for that. i had no idea who she was, but that is how i got my start in the coming out to california. on a quick personal note, 10 years ago, s
chopper crashed while he was crop dusting in eastern contra costa county. claudine wong reports. >> reporter: emergency crews got the call about 6:30 this morning. they raced to this field near sellers and highway 4 on the outskirts of brentwood and found the crop dusting chopper down. >> when we arrived at the scene we had one helicopter down with the victim still inside. >> reporter: the pilot had some scary moments when his chopper fell 20 feet to the ground. emergency crews say he was in the process of spraying local fields and say mechanical failure is to blame for his crash in this corn field. >> we have a lot of corn that's produced in this area. he was spraying the crop, spraying the corn. and he was turning around and he lost control of his vehicle and he had a mechanical failure. >> reporter: the pilot was the only person on board and was cautious. firefighters say he is well known in the area and knows this terrain well. >> he's very familiar with this area. what i'm being told is he sprays the majority of the fields in this local region. >> reporter: not the day th
, claudine. things are doing well out there as you might imagine there is some road work to worry about if you are driving out of san francisco to oakland. but we're doing pretty well. go outside and take a look at the east shore freeway. that looks good coming to the macarthur maze. no incidents to report along that stretch between the bridge and the maze. in oakland traffic is at the speed limit here in oakland right near the oakland coliseum. if you're driving up to downtown should be a very nice drive for you. interstate 580 same thing goes there. this is 280 san jose northbound right there through downtown. it's a nice drive. traffic is moving well up to highway 17. at 4:40 let's go to steve. >>> all right, sal, thank you. very good morning. temperatures boy they rocketed up yesterday. 90s inland. a lot of 80s even around the bay. and beautiful 60s, 70s by the coast. that's because we didn't have any fog. today we do. fog is starting to fill in rapidly. still kind of shallow i'd say around 1,000 feet. it's making a push inland but not over the coastal hills so around the bay more t
neighborhood where mail service was suspended. ktvu's claudine wong is there now to explain why a little dog is blamed for the disruption. claudine. >> reporter: well, dave, this is a dog versus mail carrier incident. i just talked to the owner of that dog and she is not happy this morning. not happy to see us. not happy the story's out here and not happy mail service was suspended in her neighborhood for days. this is where the incident happened apparently last thursday. apparently this was a dog versus carrier. although it's still unclear this morning if the dog actually chased the carrier, was let loose on the carrier or even which dog it was. now the owner of the dog doesn't want her name used. she doesn't want her house shown. she says she's getting harassed by her neighbors and says it's all unwarranted. she says she wasn't home at the time but according to the times herald a postal carrier was chased by a dog. she has two dogs. a chihuahua and a pit bull and different reports over what dog was involved. she says it was the smaller one and surrendered it off all this happened. no one w
paroled sex offenders. as claudine wong reported, part of the emphasis for that was the jaycee dugard case. >> reporter: law enforcement teams gathered before dawn this week across the bay area. >> open the door. >> reporter: their target, sex offenders who violate parol. in this case, curfew. >> i had a seizure friday night. i said, i thought everything was going to be all right, because i was going to call my parol officer and let them know. >> reporter: they have a goal, to check on every paroled sex offender in the state. our cameras got a look. >> operation safe playgrounds follows criticism after jaycee dugard's discovery. the department of corrections promised changes especially after a large parolee at large. >> we were hoverrering around 19, 18% as a state and the national average was quite a bit lower. >> so us three are going together in the front. >> there's going to be a living room to the right. >> reporter: since january, parol apprehension teams have been charged with locating every parolee at large whom they consider a high risk to public safety. >> it bumped up significan
. paul. >> reporter: good morning, claudine. we are getting very limited information. i did get new information about this. this is what i can tell you what we do know. we have two people that are dead as you said. police got a call around 2:15. once on scene they found two people have been shot. i can tell you the male and female were in their 30s. police took a third victim to the hospital who is a female. she is expected to survive. as of right now police do not have any suspects. they are also looking at a shooting that happened about 30 minutes prior and a couple miles away that happened around 9:45. police found a 23-year-old man suffering of a gunshot wound. he was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. of course i will stay on top of this and mind out more and bring you the latest as it develops. live in richmond i'm paul chambers. >>> also overnight three people are hurt in a shooting in san jose. police say it happened shortly before midnight on green any avenue. the extent of their injuries are not known. >>> the long-time girlfriend of a marin county man i
be appropriate. supervisor chu: ok. i believe we have claudine from moh. >> good evening. i am with the mayor's office of housing. last year, under resolution 381- 10, the full board approved an agreement between the mayor's office of housing, the community advisory committee, and the developers of 333 harrison to deliver a particular community benefits, including the construction of 49 on-site affordable rental units for households earning more than 30% of median income and supporting local hire for construction and non-construction jobs. now, the community advisory committee is recommending to commit funds to support housing and work for services to prepare low-income soma residents and workers for the housing and employment opportunities that this would generate. a copy of the recommendations have been filed with the clerk, and there are basically two. the first is a recommendation to expend $250,000 for a grant that will go to the veterans equity center to provide case management services to prepare residents and workers for the housing opportunities that will arise out of this project as
you, claudine. i hope you were able to meet some. greeters in the lobby before the event started. and you may have noticed they were selling these little pins. you see this a.p.a. heritage month pin? it's the image of the heritage month logo designed in the form and shape of an a. and it's a beautiful piece. but what is even more important is all the proceeds from the sale of this pin will go to the japanese cultural and community center of northern california to support the relief efforts for the victims of the earthquake in japan. so please, take a moment to take a look. and purchase one for a very, very good caution. at this time, the celebration committee would like to acknowledge the presence of the many officials and diplomatic representatives from the asian pacific countries joining us here tonight. you saw many. counsel -- many of the consul generals up here. their representatives, please stand and be acknowledged. [applause] thank you all for being here. and in addition to the presenting champion and partner sponsors, there are so many other sponsors who have generously
be a beautiful day for fire works and parades planned across the bay area on this july 4th. claudine wong joins us live from the newsroom with a peak at some of the celebrations going on today. >> there are lots of events and we have a lot of information on our website but we wanted to talk about a couple right now. let's take you live outside to danville. these are live pictures courtesy of our photojournalist. they are excited. this is a popular parade. you can see those chairs are two and three deep. city officials try to keep that under. we have been chatting with people and some say they wing it but others say they spend the time walking up and down the street or get out there early. lots of people put their chairs out last night. 6:30 p.m. apparently the designated time where every 1 got the green light to do that. >> our chairs are out. >> yeah. >> big crowd, a lot of fun. >> yeah. >> yeah, should be a blast. >> we have lived here over 25 years and our son is 25 and we have been bringing him here since the was three so -- and now we have a granddaughter who is 2. >> i hope to see red, wh
to pile up here and against the country. ktvu's claudine wong joins us live with what happened in court and what happens next. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori, yes, he appeared here in court but there is a growing line of people who want to talk to him. he is also wanted to crimes in new york and new jersey. we were not allowed to take pictures of 30-year-old mark lugo in court this courtroom. a little surprising when his picture is at the heart of several cases against him. photos from three states all allegedly show lugo committing crimes. we first learned about lugo earlier this month. police say this photo shows him just walking away after stealing a $200,000 picasso drawing. then in jail lugo made a call to a friend. >> and he said to her that she is going to be receiving a fed ex package with keys to his apartment in it, and there is going to be instructions in there. he needs her to remove certain items from his apartment. >> reporter: that call, which was monitored turned out to be critical to a new york case where a picasso painting had been stoling from a hotel. pictures fro
of our board of directors. they include, for many years, claudine chang. larry delcarlo. larry mazolo jr. lord richardson. john paul samaha. [applause] to members of the treasure island citizen advisory board, countless hours from our citizens involved in every way, especially the president, karen knkowles pierce. [applause] she has worked so well with the other island residents including becky hoge, john conners, and bnetty lettington. we have our organizations on treasure island, who have been working so hard for us, and of so many other important things ever present our city. including the director of the homeless initiative, sarah. [applause] thank you. member organization that are included in this initiative have been the boys and girls club of san francisco, catholic charities, community housing partnerships, mercy housing, rubicon, tool works, and walden house. thank you for your cooperation. [applause] and to our development partners who we have come to know, cherish, lived with, talked out a lot of issues, at the state level, local level, and of course, the treasury -- a treasur
rebound into the weekend. for your weekend, claudine. >> can you work that out. >> i don't mind the cool now. but if you could work on the warm-up . >>> alcoholic energy drinks are one step closer to being banned in california. yesterday, the state assembly approved a bill banning the import, distribution or sale of alcoholic beverages laced with caffeine. critics say the drinks are aimed at young people and make it easy to drink too much. the changes must be made by the assembly before the bill is sent to governor brown. >>> in the midst of the big budget battle in washington dc, today the house is taking time to vote on what kind of light bulbs you can use. republicans are trying to repeal a law passed a few years ago requiring people to use more energy efficient bulbs. they say the requirement for people to use the energy efficient bulbs is too expensive. but democrats say the bulbs are going to lower your electric bills. >> let's go out and replace 40 light bulbs at $6 a pop. you're spending some money that to our constituency, to our voters, that's real money. >> if it passes the ho
are fine itly getting mail after it was suspended for days -- for days. the reason -- a chihuahua. claudine wong has more. >> reporter: good morning, tori. i just got off the phone with the postal service. they said, look, we have a dog policy because nationwide there it are more than 5,000 dogs a year. they don't discriminate. they said if their carrier feels unsafe, then they will suspend service at a neighborhood and that's it exactly what happened here in vallejo. let's introduce you to the dog that caused all of this mess. this is a chihuahua named mocha. he's 1 1/2 years old. he's lived in the neighborhood a few months. neighbors say they've seen this dog running around. we haven't found anyone who said this dog has been a problem. apparently, the postal carrier who walks this neighborhood disagree this happened thursday. the woman said the carrier walked by. she said her dog ran over to him and circled him a few times. she said the carrier got upset. it the next thing she knew all of the neighbors got letters in their box telling them service would not resume until the dog was taken
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